Wednesday, April 07, 2010

One Car Accident

On the drive in to work this morning, I passed a woman wearing a longish t-shirt that could have passed for a dress.  Although, as I got closer, I began to worry that it was, in fact, a dress...a too short dress....a dress with a suspicious amount of pink showing in the lower-buttcheek area...oh dear lord, is she showing her...?!

No.  In fact, this woman was wearing Flesh-Colored Leggings.  Seriously?  I didn't know you could even buy such a thing.  Somewhere, a designer is laughing her fashionably-clad ass off at the fact that anyone in their right mind would purchase -- AND WEAR -- Flesh-Colored Leggings.  They're a joke.  You're supposed to mock them...not buy them.  And for the love of all things decent, you aren't supposed to wear them with a barely-there t-shirt that will ultimately terrorize the helpless public into thinking they're seeing your peek-a-boo butt!!

Flesh-Colored Leggings are the fashion equivalent of the Chevy Corvaire:  unsafe at any speed.

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