Monday, April 05, 2010


The Monkey needed a photo of himself with "Flat T.J." to take in this morning for some representation of what he did over spring break.  Since this wasn't a particularly adventuresome spring break for us (he spent the week hanging out at daycare having Pokemon battles and digging worm holes), we decided to mark the occasion of the tulip poplar blooming.  Of course, being procrastinators, we didn't manage to take the picture til this he climbed into the tree and posed with the colored cut out.

I'm hoping his teacher won't notice that he's wearing the same outfit today as featured in the photo.

Making our way to the tree, however, was a little tricksy.  Even though the tree just bloomed last week, the blossoms have already begun to fall...

In a few days, they'll be rotted mush that will have to be forcibly raked and removed.  For now, though?  I think that may be the nicest kind of litter ever...

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