Thursday, April 08, 2010

Boring, But True

Blogging about the weather is boring.  Weather happens everywhere and unless a person's got some massive poetry talent going on, pretty much everything that can be said about the weather has been said...and certainly better than I could say it.

I'm not sure that blogging about pollen is much more interesting than blogging about the weather, but I can assure you that pollen is the topic that has been on everyone's mind (and furniture and car and floor and windows...) lately.  Every passing conversation includes some mention of clouds of yellow dust that puff at the slightest breeze and cars rendered unrecognizable from the film.  The whole East Coast is a gasping, wheezing, headachey mess right now and everyone's cranky over it.  I'm not usually terribly allergy-prone, but I'm definitely feeling the lung trauma from eleventy-squillion spores floating around in the air.

So when I write that (underneath the oh-god-want-to-die hacking) I'm positively giddy that it rained tonight, try to remember that I'm not blogging about the weather.  Oh no!  I'm blogging about 10 solid minutes of pollen-squashing drops of sinus salvation...with thunder!  If this little storm had an ass, I'd totally give it a congratulatory smack.  Way to go, fella!

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