Friday, August 07, 2009

Chocolate Chip Tequila

The Monkey is home and it's been glorious reconnecting with him. He was gone three weeks and got three hundred years older somehow... He's all full of grown-up observations and thoughtful glances and big ideas. He credits Hawaii for this transformation...and for his frequent use of the word "anti-climatic"...which makes me think maybe I haven't gotten the whole story about Hawaii yet.

On two separate dinners out, now, we've had the chance to talk about alcohol. (and don't worry...despite the fact that he's practically an old man, I'm not allowing him to drink). He's been trying to wrap his head around what he knows about alcohol and the copious advertisements for it at places like TGIFridays (where we lunched on Wednesday). Tonight's Mexican dinner led us to another conversation...

Monkey: Mommy, are you going to have a Fresh Watermelon Margarita?

Me: Oh, no, sweetie...I don't want to have any alcohol tonight.

Monkey: (incredulous) You mean that has alcohol???

Me: does.

Monkey: Man...why does everybody put up ads for alcohol?

Me: Well, restaurants make a lot of money from it. Alcohol is kind of expensive...

Monkey: And bad for you.

Me: can be if you have too much.

Monkey: It's like cookies.

Me: It's what?

Monkey: Alcohol is like's fine for a treat every now and then, but you wouldn't want to have it all the time.

Well, for now, he gets it. I'll check back in when he hits high school...

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