Saturday, August 08, 2009


It always manages to start innocently enough... Today it was the microwave. I moved it an inch to the left in an effort to balance the coffee cups with the flower arrangement...and noticed that there was some sort of...schmootz...lurking under I moved it some more and discovered that the schmootz started life as a liquid...then spilled and dribbled and dried into something black and sticky. Then, like Alice in the rabbit hole, cleaning the schmootz led to cleaning the whole counter top which led to cleaning the stove which led to cleaning the sink which led to cleaning all the little cracks and crevices of the faucet. And now my whole kitchen is shiny except for the floor...which I may not deal with until tomorrow.

People find their "center" in all sorts of ways. Some meditate...some do yoga...others walk the labrynth or drive fast or run for miles. Me? I clean.


Labelmaker said...

If I had just been keeping up with your blog, I would have seen your obsession with centering things (and where it can lead you.) Had I done this, I would not have extolled the benefits of asymmetrical decor, and how I thought you might be the perfect, no PRIME, candidate for it.

It's all about the research.

Phil Candreva said...

You are my long lost twin, aren't you??? You described me in this post.