Sunday, August 02, 2009

So 2000 and Late

You would think that, since music is kind of a huge part of my life, I would have been on the iPod bandwagon a long time ago. You'd be largely wrong.

It's true...I had a first-generation iPod and I used it from time to time when I took the train to work. It wasn't a big part of me, though... It always seemed a little heavy and weird. I couldn't remember to keep it charged. It just wasn't a priority by any means. When it eventually gave up and refused to sync with the iMac, I wasn't terribly upset. I really hadn't used it that much anyway.

I asked for an iPod nano for my birthday this year after seeing a friend's iPod car kit. I suddenly realized that I had the option to listen to a variety of music without having a million CDs floating around my car. This was a fanastic idea! The Monkey and MonkeyDad obliged and I'm now the owner of an adorable little hot pink Nano that fits perfectly (along with all of its accessories) in an adorable little hot pink eyeglasses case that I already owned.

See? So cute!

I'm already getting more use out of this little guy than I did from his big brother. A friend from college set me up with a brand new Klipsch iGroove for next to nothing. Now I can not only listen to the Nano in the house, but I can do it in a rather audiophile way. I still haven't mastered the iPod-in-the-car part of the plan, but I'll work on that. I've also used it on the treadmill a few times (Sarah MacLachlan is surprisingly nice to work out with!).

Yesterday, however, Matt Nathanson* inspired me to really put the little pink guy through his paces. I downloaded two of Matt's albums from iTunes and was dying to listen to them...but conflicted because I needed to stop procrastinating doing yard work. Hey! Why not do both? Earbuds plugged in...Nano in my pocket...and voila! Three hours of yard work flew did another hour plus of cleaning the inside of the did the 2 hour metro ride (there and back) to a friend's birthday soiree in DC. Dude, this iPod thing is outstanding!

I know...I know: Welcome to 2002. Maybe by the year 2015 I will have bought into the internet-on-the-cell-phone thing I keep hearing so much about...


*Do you know Matt Nathanson? You should. Miss Shirley and I saw him open up for the Indigo Girls this summer and he is phenomenal. He also does a fantastic Michael Stipe impersonation, but you don't need to see that to appreciate his music.


allisonrainey said...

i have a pink nano too. i lurve it so. :D

the battery life is surprisingly good considering the last time i charged it was maybe 2 sundays ago and it just ran out of juice on monday with almost 8 hours a day of use at work.

allisonrainey said...

also, i recommend getting other headphones if you're going to use it for excersize and stuff. i got (also pink) skullcandy brand headphones at best buy. i lurve them, as well. they have a fair amount of bass. hrmph. they are the quishy kind that goes into your ear so dont know if you would like that...

Helen said...

I have the squishy kind that go into your ear, too (although not that brand) and they are the BEST. Much better at blocking out noise, which means you can listen to them at a lower volume.