Saturday, January 12, 2008

Newcastle and an Adjustable Rake

Why have I never thought of drinking a beer while doing yardwork before??

It's awesome!


grrrbear said...

Drinking 1-2 beers while doing yardwork = refreshing!

Drinking a 6 pack while doing yardwork = countdown to personal injury.

Drinking a case of beer while "doing yardwork" = domestic disturbance suspect on last week's episode of COPS.

Know the difference. =)

I Blog, You Blog said...

Ha!! I am squarely in category A.

I mostly just raked up the leaves from the front if to say "Hey neighbors! I'm not like that other guy (who didn't take care of stuff). Oh no! I'm raking leaves in January...because I rock..." etc.

Then I found out that the Monkey has strep and spent the night running around getting prescriptions filled and ferreting out clear liquids... :(

J.Bro said...

Drinking a beer while running around getting prescriptions filled for your sick son = also awesome!

I Blog, You Blog said...

...or would have been if those two things had been hours and hours closer together.

I think I'm failing at this whole redneck mom thing.