Monday, January 07, 2008

So. Cute.

I was doing research on vampire energy tonight (after deciding a week or so ago that, ok, maybe I don't need my microwave, coffee pot, oven AND wall clock to simultaneously tell me the my 10x10 kitchen) properly sidetracked by a website called EcoGeek (*swoon*) and came across the cutest little squish bag ever!

Pretty stylish for a reusable bag, eh? But I love that this little bit of eco-geekery also smooshes down into its own carrying case...the size of a tennis ball!

I almost can't wait for my obnoxious, neon-green (*so* ugly...but so free!) Rockville Towne Centre bag to finally give up the ghost so I can have a reason to carry my groceries in style...


J.Bro said...

My wife just strongly approved over my shoulder as she walked past me - "Oooooh - what is *that*?!" she said.

I Blog, You Blog said...

Answer: something that will fit nicely in the diaper bag when you have to cart Bean to the grocery!

So. Cute!!