Wednesday, January 02, 2008

KinderMonkey (as he would say "Vol. 2")

The Monkey started his new school today...and it was kind of like the first day of school all over again. He had a backpack full of supplies...and a bag full of supplies (they need a LOT of supplies at this school... I mean, really, what do they do in Kindergarten that each child needs 12 gluesticks????)...and a very brave face.

We'd been over the details until he was almost annoyed with me. Yes, he knows his teacher's name. Yes, he knows where he's supposed to go after school. Yes, he knows where his snack is. Yes, he knows that he's bringing lunch. Yes, he's got his silly hat. Yes, he knows I'm picking him up from daycare this afternoon. YES, HE KNOWS HIS TEACHER's NAME (gosh, Mom!). So I gave it a rest.

I dropped him off at the daycare trailer and it was like moths to a flame. We were barely in the door before 6 (or 4 or 10 -- they move a's hard to keep up) little people were buzzing around us...

"Hi! Is he new??"
"What's his name?"
"I know someone named [monkey] too!!"
"What grade is he in?"
"Who's his teacher?"

When I walked out the door (after a brief hug that he barely returned -- Moms are so embarrassing!), he was looking a little bewildered, but he seemed absolutely fine. I had prepped myself for him to be clingy and shy...I had the pep-talk all ready to go...and, meh, he needed none of it. I think I need to call my mom for the pep talk she's probably got in storage about how it's really ok when your kids start to grow up...


towwas said...

It would be so awesome if someone had actually named their kid [monkey]. With the brackets and everything. In fact, I think I might name my firstborn that, if it's a boy. (Girl name already picked out: Towwas.)

miss shirley said...

Yay Monkey! Bravery galore! *sniff sniff* They are growing up so freakin' fast.