Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I can't remember exactly what it is that they do to kobe cows to make them "kobe"...seems like they're raised on a diet of the souls of baby kittens and purified water and massaged daily before sleeping on a tempurpedic mattress... or something. Whatever it is, it is awesome!

Mr.R's been watching a lot of Travel Channel lately, so he booked our NYE dinner (for 11 p.m.!!) at Les Halles. They were featuring a kobe beef duo of grilled tenderloin and braised short ribs in a red wine sauce and it was absolutely phenomenal. The short ribs fell apart when we looked at them (seriously, at one point I used my fork to cut them -- just to see if I could -- it took no effort) and the tenderloin was this healthy, medium-rare piece of unadorned heaven. The restaurant was nearly empty, so we had the wait staff's attention...and we just scooted up to the bar to watch the ball drop at midnight.

Summary: awesome, low-key New Year's Eve.

...and kitten-souls are delicious!

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