Thursday, January 03, 2008

Conversations With Little People

The kids at the Monkey's daycare are a really helpful lot. I went to pick him up yesterday and was swarmed again by an exuberant least one of whom had been part of the inquisition from the morning group. This time, it actually worked in my favor because the little blonde boy talked me through the paces...

Him: You've got to sign him out, there...

Me: Ok. Anything else I'm supposed to do?

Him: Then you look for his name here on the folders.

Me: Alright. Then what do I do?

Him: You...uh...take whatever papers are in th

Me: Ok....there it it. Anything else?

Him: Uh....I don't think so. (then to the littel girl next to him...) Is that all she's supposed to do? (she shrugged)

Me: Cool! Thanks for your help!


Me: don't happen to know where he you?

Him: He's in the gym!

Me: Awesome!


Me: Where's the gym?

Him: It's where we eat lunch!

Me: which point I was rescued by one of the workers. She was heading toward the gym anyway and offered to walk me over. Whew!

The Monkey reported that his first day was fantastic (or, as he put it, AWE -- SOME!). He made a new friend named Dexter and they all got to pull up their "worlds" (place markers on the floor for where they sit at group time) and put down "frogs" instead....and he got his own frog!!

What more could he need out of Kindergarten than that?

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miss shirley said...

I like how we are twins even through our children. You made me laugh at my computer screen. LAMCS?