Wednesday, December 19, 2007

As Seen On TV

My grandmother sent me a Cordless Swivel Sweeper. It's really a pretty cool gift, given that I have both hardwood and rugs I have to maintain on the upstairs. It has a rechargeable battery too! Ok, I haven't used it yet or anything, but still! Nifty!

She also sent the Monkey a gift card to Target, which I predict he will use to purchase some kind of Transformers paraphenalia (Transformers is the new Spiderman in my house)....or possibly cream cheese, which he is insistent that he bring to my office open house tomorrow.

Me: But, Monkey, you don't like cream cheese!
Him: Duh! I'm bringing it for everyone else.

But...back to my grandmother's surprise gift. This is only remarkable because we were just with my grandmother a few weeks ago over Thanksgiving. And she already gave us Christmas presents (lovely, generous ones at that!) this little unexpected box of goodies is a super fantastic treat and very thoughtful of her!

...or, maybe, she can sense that the wool rug is shedding and the dust bunnies are planning their revolt!

Excuse me. I need to go charge an As Seen On TV battery just now...

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