Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fun With A Bag of Icing!

I've been taking tips from Alton Brown:

That's pumpkin muffins (and the leftover batter in "cake" form) and blueberry muffins and gingerbread cookies....and many, many shaky ribbons of cream cheese icing.

Think my staff will feel the love tomorrow?


J.Bro said...

If I was your employee and I just licked off the icing, would I be reprimanded formally or informally? I hate pumpkin-flavored things (excluding warm pie, for reasons I don't understand), but I lurve icing in all its forms.

I Blog, You Blog said...

Ahhh...but for you, oh pumpkin-loather, I made blueberry muffins! And I broughted grapes and strawberries and orange juice! you still <3 me as a boss? :D

miss shirley said...

I <3 you as a boss and you aren't even MY boss. And I lurve icing too, mmmm.