Saturday, March 03, 2007

Twelve Days

Finally today...just a few minutes ago, in happened: I officially reached the point where I feel...ok...about the new place. It's that point where I think, ok, if someone unexpectedly showed up, I'd be all "oh...hi! Come on in..." without feeling weird about it. It's not entirely settled and I don't really have all my systems and routines set up...but it's ok.

And there are still ones showing themselves every day. Only about half the outlets work (and on many of those, only the top plug works)...the closet lights are infested with grimlins (sometimes they're on, sometimes not so much). There's only one working bathtub...and, as of this morning, only one working toilet. The oven won't turn on. The sink in the kitchen drips. Some of thel light fixtures are so old I can't even replace the lightbulbs. The windows don't close all the way, so temperature regulation is tricksy...and the screen door is losing its screen.

So, no...I'm not going to get too comfortable here, clearly. But it's starting to feel like something I can call "home" for awhile...and I'm still loving the location, which is awesome. The Monkey and I have done a lot of exploring. We took an awesome trip to the library last weekend and we walked up the street to get pizza and gawk at the rowdy kids on Thursday night. I took the Metro to work three days last week because it's so incredibly close, I'd actually feel guilty not taking it when I could.

But, most importantly, I'm to that point of relief...of relaxation, perhaps (though that remains to be seen). Not bad for twelve days in.

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BASSO said...

I hope things just get better from here. Twelve, a good magic number -- could do some predictive calculations based on 12s, hmmm. Like, it'll all be OK. Glad to hear from you.