Sunday, March 04, 2007


You know it's one of those crazy, off-the-wall nights when it's 3 a.m. and you look at the person you've been talking to for the last half hour and brazen "you don't remember my name, do you?" and the response is "" and you laugh exuberently and turn to talk to someone else nearby...

...and then you become vaguely aware that said-person is now (literally) bribing your friend to find out your name...and they return to the conversation triumphant...and you deadpan "Yeah, I don't remember your name either."

....and then you wake up groggy on the couch the next morning and your friend starts digging in pockets, wondering aloud "How much did that guy pay me for your name last night? Hey! $10! Sweet! Easiest ten bucks I ever made..."

...and you can only giggle slightly because anything more would make the timpani in your head crescendo to a truly unbearable level.

Yep. Definitely all signs of a story-worthy evening.

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