Wednesday, February 21, 2007

On The Move

Ladies and gentlemen...this is mobile blogging.

Ok, so mobile blogging is probably only new to me, but it's new to me!! So I'm freezing my tailbone off sitting outside a Starbucks to bring you this update on the minutia of my life...

High points:
+ I have a new laptop.
+ T-Mobile has hotspots at Starbucks and sells a daypass for $ for 24 hours I have internet!
+ All my stuff managed to get up the three flights of stairs to my new place
+ My friends didn't kill me when they found out they volunteered to move me to a third floor walk up
+ I'm mostly unpacked.
+ The apartment location is sa-weet!

Low points:
- 2" of snow the night before the move
- The buyers for my house threatening to push back closing for some weird reason
- Bruises, sore muscles, achy joints
- A faucet that won't shut off...a bathtub that's not usable...toilet seats that pinch (ow!)
- Still have to clean the "old house"

Though the math may not appear to work out, the high points really do outweigh the low. I'm doing reasonably well with most of my sanity in tact for the moment. And the new place looks a bit snazzy, really. Stay tuned for more adventures with fun titles like "can she suspend the 184" of drapes in the living room" and "desks are heavy, yo!"

For now...know that I'm alive...sore and purple, but alive. This, as BASSO would say, is a good thing. :)


BASSO said...

..and it is a good thing. It was nice hearing your voice yesterday...not as wiery as I thought it might be! Hot Spots rule! Thanks for the update.

Enjoy your nesting behaviours and here's to your snazzy new digs!

BASSO said...

I'm working our client's budget so I can do the math here - it's simple:

1 - laptop
24 Hours
3 Flights of Stairs
6 Friends
Total Pluses = 44

2" Snow
1 Buyer
3 "Injuries"
1 faucet
1 Bath Tub
2 Toilet Seats that pinch (ow!)
1 House to Clean
Total Minuses = 11

Net = 33 Pluses + 184" of Drapes
NetNet=217 ways to enjoy a new house
Hey that's worth it.

J.Bro said...

How is the monkey taking to the new place?

towwas said...

Woo, new place!! I'm excited to see it. For now, though, I'm pretty much sticking around the homestead.