Friday, February 09, 2007

Not Much...You?

You: Hey! What's up?

Me: You know that movie Around the World In 80 Days? the last 10 days I have...

...received, considered, and accepted an offer on my house.
...missed a chorale rehearsal.
...stopped sleeping at night.
...revisited, considered, and ruled out the "Close Encounters" house.
...visited, considered, and worried about the "Water Tower" house.
...visited, considered, and ruled out 8 houses not interesting enough to warrant pet names.
...researched every elementary school in a 10 mile radius.
...made phone calls about and ultimately an offer on the "Water Tower" house.
...worried significantly about being too poor to function for a year.
...been infected with the stress-induced chest cold from hell.
...missed a day of work.
...been rejected by the owner of the "Water Tower" house.
...revisited and reconsidered the "Close Encounters" house.
...ruled out every other housing purchase option as "not an option."
...worried significantly about things like termites, asbestos, and acoustic tiled ceilings.
...ruled out the "Close Encounters" house (again).
...panicked, sobbed, and sat in a corner of my bathroom muttering "what am I going to do?" over and over like an idiot.
...regrouped, reconsidered living in poverty, and explored poverty-related options with my lender.
...raised the white flag of surrender, found an apartment and put down a deposit.
...explained to the Monkey that renting an apartment was like renting a movie...only for longer.
...missed another chorale rehearsal.
...moved the closing date on my house up by three weeks (buyers are very, very happy).
...ate sushi.
...started sleeping at night.
...explained to the Monkey that yes, we will be living in the's temporary, but it's not THAT temporary.
...reserved a truck, collected boxes, and scheduled a move for 10 days from today.

You: ...?

Me: Er...I mean.... Not much. You?


BASSO said...

..not much compared to that! You have been through a ringer...but came out the other side (almost)...unscathed. 10 more days to go! Woo!

towwas said...

Right, it's like I said in the e-mail - nothing much has happened with you in the last couple of weeks.

J.Bro said...

Wow - that's enough to deter someone from doing anything but watching netflixed tv shows and eating doritos. Not that that's how I'm spending my Sunday, of course. Definitely not.

towwas said...

Good luck, move girl! Pack like the wind!