Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I made sesame ginger pork chops and naked noodles for my dinner last night. It was awesome...

For the Monkey, I made naked cheese ravioli, ham and peas. He was thrilled.

...except that my pork chops were (apparently) too smelly and he was convinced that they were making his "rabioli" taste funny. We tried a couple of things to fix it (opening the window...waiting a minute for the steam to dissipate)...but with no luck.

Ultimately, he banished me to the kitchen to eat my dinner at the he wouldn't have to smell my food.

I've really gotta get this kid an ethnic food education.


J.Bro said...

Separate dinners for you and the Monkey? Am I going to have to call Supernanny Stella?

I Blog, You Blog said...

I know...but I'm slowly easing him into eating more normal-people food. Like Rabioli! That's totally normal. I even had a few. I also got him to ingest non-nugget-shaped chicken once.

Supernanny JoJo (yes...i've seen the show) would have snappy British words for me, I'm sure.

*kicks dirt*

towwas said...

Ooooh, that pork chop sounds TASTy.

Margie said...

He banished YOU to the kitchen? Who's the mom here? (*scowly face*).

Bravo for w-ing* on widening his food horizons. But he's only 4, isn't he? Not unusual to have childish tastes. He'll grow--as long as you continue to expose him to "new" foods. I've heard it can take as many as 20 exposures before a kid will accept a "strange" food.

* Yes, I'm a "bee." ;)

BASSO said...

Pork Chop must GO!