Friday, December 08, 2006


You've gotta be creative with kids. You've gotta be extra creative with kids when they're procrastinating sleep. And patient. It's good to be patient, too. (I often suck at that last bit, but I'm still trying!)

Last night...the Monkey would not go to sleep. It was 10:00 p.m. and he was still awake. I'd finally convinced him that no matter how much more love he felt like he needed to give me, I wasn't going back into his room...and the love-fest would have to wait til morning. I'd been in and out since about 8:45 and I was exhausted.

And then...

Monkey: (from his room) Mooooommmmmyyyy! I have a pretend picture for you!
Me: (from the bathroom) Thank you. Goodnight!
Monkey: Want to come see it?
Me: I'll see it in the morning...goodnight.
Monkey: But it's a picture of you at the end of the aisle at AuntMySister's wedding!
Me: Aww...that's great. I'll see it in the morning.
Monkey: But I need to give it to you. I can't hold it all night!
Me: Put it under your'll be safe there til morning....goodnight!
Monkey:'s too dark.
Me: Well, fold it up and put it in your pocket.
Monkey: It won't fit!
Me: Stick it on the wall.
Monkey: I don't have a screw!
Me: (thinking...thinking...) Put it in your pretend cubby!
Monkey: Ooh...great idea! Goodnight!
Me: Goodnight!

*kapow* I think I got brain-goo on the bathroom mirror.


I Blog, You Blog said...

I feel like I should point out, lest anyone think that I don't appreciate getting love from my child, that my very clever Monkey has figured out that "giving me love" is a very effective procrastination technique. I mean, really, what Mommy wouldn't be happy to receive love from an adorable 4-year-old? None, I can tell you.

...until said 4-year-old has spent more than an hour "giving you love" every 3 minutes. Preschoolers have no concept of "too much of a good thing"...


Anonymous said...

Heh. Not to worry, I got that. :)

I Blog, You Blog said...

I just got through reading comments on a blog where this dad was completely lambasted by illiterate people for putting up a picture of his daughter crying in a Wal Mart parking lot. Given that the blog was about cocaine found in the toy aisle at a Wal Mart, the picture was pretty funny...

But, you know, people thought he was engaged in some strange form of child abuse for letting his daughter cry there while he took a picture. Because of the cars and crazy drivers in Wal Mart parking lots...

Wait til they find out that I tell the Monkey that if he's going to throw a fit, it should be a really Big ONE!!! (the ones with foot stomping and fist pounding are best...Mmmhmm!)

Doh! I should not have said that...