Thursday, December 07, 2006


If you come to see my concert this weekend (and you should...though most of you won't...but still, you should), be sure to sit so that you can see the oboe. As you're facing the stage, it will be slightly back and to the left...behind the soloists (assuming the stage configuration doesn't change from last night's dress rehearsal...which wasn't a dress rehearsal at all in the sense that not everyone's music was put together and no one was really dressed...oh, no, not that we were naked, I don't mean that, but we just weren't in gowns and tuxes so...oh...phooey...nevermind.) come and sit so you can see the oboist...oboeist? player. He looks roughly like a 20 year old college kid and he has the best facial expressions ever. The Vivaldi Gloria has one piece that is a duet between an oboe and a solo soprano. It's an incredibly lovely piece all on its own, but throw in the fact that the oboeistplayer is performing it like the orchestral version of interpretive dance... Well, it's really quite something.

[Also? Whatever you do, don't watch me...because it's entirely possible that I'll be moved (as I was last night) to make overly expressive faces during this piece, too...and I wouldn't want to distract you from the main show.]

But more hilarious was being in the back row next to the flamboyant basses who were shaking with laughter over this kid. It wasn't just his facial expressions, but also the fact that he probably uses as many hair products as I do (and, trust me, that's saying something!). He kind of had that just-in-the-front-fauxhawk thing going on... reference to give you an idea:

At one point, one of the basses passed a note that said "Do you think his hair will be bigger on Saturday?" and I answered with a distinct "oh yes" nod. The next note said "Honey, that hair hasn't been's been ridiculed!"


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Aw, I'm sorry I have to miss it!