Monday, December 11, 2006

Finding the Fun

I've always been a believer in toys. In my former life as a Chamber Exec, I kept toys in the office for stress relief. We had nerf-gun fights and occasionally beat one another over the head with pool-noodles. In fact, I think my going-away picture in the local paper was me aiming a nerf-gun straight at the camera.

I'm pretty sure my current work environment is a little too...stifled...for pool I'm making due with nonviolent toys. My latest acquisition is two sets of digital stick people. They are rockin' fun! I got the musician, the guy with the dog, the guy with the stick, and the body builder. They play independently...they go visit each other...they play together...sometimes they fight. It's hilarious.

Now, you'd think I could just sit there and watch these guys for the pure enjoyment of their antics. Oh no! No, I wind up spending my little 4-minute brain breaks trying to figure out which animations are different in this configuration (the cubes are depending how they're connected, you get different animations), how many configurations I haven't tried, and whether or not the sticks retain their individual cube identity when they go into a different cube, etc.

I seriously need to find the fun.


ImpetuousProse said...

My favorite is when they pass gas. Shocking, I know!

grrrbear said...

What happens if you seperate the cubes when one is visiting the other? Do they have to move in together? Get married? Or does one then have to destroy the other one?

My bet's on the body builder vs. guy-with-dog in the championship!