Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Musical MiniBlogCon

You'll have to go see the picture at TOWWAS's Place because my cameraphone pic came out looking like el-crapola...but tonight the musical contingent of the local blog-ring gathered for a pre-rehearsal(s) dinner.

BASSO and I have dinner every Wednesday before our group rehearses (generally at the (outstanding!) half-priced-burger-Wednesdays joint just down the road). Then we discovered that TOWWAS, MissS, and G-Dog usually have dinner together before their roughly the same neighborhood! The rest, as they say, was history. With wine! And half-priced-burgers! And musical people!

Also, unrelated to the gathering itself, I'd like to point out that yes...I'm aware that the pants I wore today have spectacular bell-bottoms. Technically, I should have worn higher heels to make them hang straight, but I just couldn't seem to be bothered with it this morning. very first feet pic and can just barely see my feet.

And also-also? I'd like to thank the District of Columbia for the gentle reminder that I forgot to put money in the parking meter at the restaurant. I'll be sending you a crisp check for $25 in answer to the little love note that Metermaid Whatsit left on my windshield a cool 30 seconds after I exited the vehicle. Whoops!

Ah well...


towwas said...

Ooh, ticket. Bummer. It wouldn't have occurred to me to feed the meter that late in the day - I mean, it was *dark* out, how could the meters possibly still be operating?

Me? Apparently? Wrong.

BASSO said... those prices you could have had the Lamb Chops! Fun, the ticket not withstanding, was had by all. Feet! Who would have thought?