Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Emphasis on the Latter

I was struggling to come up with today's blog (given that I've now set myself up for daily blogging whether I have something compelling to discuss or not...gah! Why was this a good idea?).

In the absence of something self-revealing, pithy, profound or (in honor of the day) political to expound upon, I'm choosing something I saw on the 43Things list of a guy with green hair. Yes....let's try this at home, kids!

Make a list (in comments) of things that prove that the Universe (or, if you prefer, God, Allah, Buddah, [insertyourfavoritecreatorhere], etc.) has a sense of humor...

I'll offer this as the opening volley...

...I think the creative force behind the duck-billed platypus did it on a dare. Probably after a night of hard drinking. I kinda like it.

I blogged.
Now you blog.

....er....comment...I mean.


grrrbear said...

One of my favorite signs that God has a sense of humor is that the same side of the moon faces the earth at all times. I always imagined God chuckling to himself every thousand years or so watching each new civilization try to invent a myth to explain why that was.

Not to mention that the sun and moon are the same size, thus creating the potential for total eclipses that freak out entire cultures.

Face it, the sun and moon are God's reality television.

BASSO said...

..or evidence that the Moon has "burped" (or worse), no kidding. See Space.com.