Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bacon Comma Sugar

I told the Monkey if he ate his dinner he could have some of the death-by-brownie-and-whipped-cream thingy we found at the grocery store deli.

(We were, I should point out, at the grocery on a mission for bacon. Because he had to have bacon. If he didn't have bacon, life as we knew it would just end. The remedy for the entirety of the world's injustices was hinging on him. having! bacon!!


Um. And also? Bacon is pretty I got some. When we got home, he announced that he'd rather have chicken for dinner. I said what about the very important bacon and he said "Nah...I'll have it tomorrow."


Back to dessert...which I was portioning into a dish for him.

Monkey: Why are you scooping it out?
Me: ...because it'll be too much, otherwise.
Monkey: And I'll fall into a sugar comma and wake up three days later...?
Me: Mmm....yeah...something like that.


towwas said...

Ha. The monkey has learned from my example. Remember that time I had a caffeine-free coke and passed out on the couch? That was out of control. I was like, wow...must mix sugar with caffeine.

grrrbear said...

He's probably just trying to figure out how much he can eat without passing out when you're not looking.


I Blog, You Blog said...

I'm just wondering if the "sugar comma" is like the "caffeine semicolon"...or maybe the "vicodin tilde"?

BASSO said...

Martini! Learn well, the young ones do.

towwas said...

Also, when I saw this title in my RSS feed, I was greatly intrigued. I think I was hoping for a recipe that combined those two ingredients. That would be a mighty delicious combination.

I Blog, You Blog said...

Yes...yes it would be a tasty combination!

Around these parts we call that magical recipe "breakfast."