Friday, November 10, 2006

Mystery Solved

I was listening to the radio a week or so ago. The GM for the local pop (?!) station was on-air to explain why he'd suddenly fired his (very popular) morning show crew rather suddenly mid-week. The listeners were outraged...and he gets mad props for going on-air to explain the situation and listen to the (same) whining from every. single. caller.

It boiled down to this: the cast wanted X amount of money for their new contract...the station offered Y amount of money. X and Y were so very far apart that there was no reasonable middle ground between the two parties.

Illustrated below, and in a slightly different (and, perhaps, highly overgeneralized) context*, I believe the same holds true:

Pictoral representation of male thought patterns:

Pictoral representation of female thought patterns**:

It's not about "bad" or "good" or "better" or "worse". It's just that the journey to the middle ground is...well, fairly extreme.

Think on that as you will.

*Sorry!! (overgeneralizations always require advance apologies for the offense they may cause)
**props to AHa for introducing me to the female graphic! I figure if I post about him enough times, he'll actually comment eventually.


BASSO said...

Five, x=5 right?

towwas said...

Hey! Where's saturday?? Your post-a-day audience awaits, my friend! No way you're getting a pulitzer at this rate!