Monday, October 16, 2006

Bug Man Cometh

I had to wait for the bug man this morning.

I had to wait for the bug man this morning because I got not one, but two calls on Friday afternoon (from two different people at the same pest control company) expressing their deep concern in very firm voices that the inside of my house hadn't been "serviced" in quite some time...and it was imperative that I call them back and confirm that I would, in fact, stay home and wait for the bug man this morning. It was cool, actually...I got to telecommute for a few hours and I love telecommuting...

Anyway, I was just reading over the invoice the bug man left for me. This was the diagnosis of the house he scrawled out:

"Ants are presents in the kithen"

It's good to know, literary lisp notwithstanding, that my house is being serviced by a bug man with such a sunny outlook on life... :)


towwas said...

I love ants. And I say this having put out many ant-killing plastic baity things a few weeks ago. So I guess I don't love them in an individual, sentimental way, more just that I think ants are SO COOL.

grrrbear said...

Maybe the note meant that the bug-man left the ants there as a gift. As in "Hey, thanks for your business, those ants in the kitchen? Yeah, I threw them in for free because you're so swell!".