Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Appropo of nothing, the Monkey appeared at the bottom of the stairs while I was getting ready in the bathroom upstairs...

Monkey: Do you know what Quicken Smart Loans can do?
Me: What?
Monkey: It can put thousands of dollars back in your pocket!!!!!
Me: Oh...yeah?
Monkey: Don't you want thousands of dollars?
Me: Well, yeah, but you know, there's usually catc...
Monkey: ...because Quicken Smart Loans will put thousands of dollars back in your pocket!
Me: Who do you suppose took it out of my pocket in the first place?
Monkey: If we had a dog or a cat, do you know what we'd need?
Me: What?
Monkey: A Shed-Ender!
Me: Are you watching commercials again?
Monkey: Ooh! It's the Dino Thunder with two white rangers! I love that one!

...and *zoom!* he's off.

Maybe the TV should "break" at some unspecified point in the future. Hrm...


J.Bro said...

You know what happens if the TV breaks? Radio jingles. All day long. "Maaakin' beeeautiful mem'ries! Scrapboook Suuperstooorrrre - oooooh!" Maybe not that one - I don't think they advertise outside of, like, a mile from here.

(My verification word had an l followed by five m's. That's weird.)

BASSO said...

j.bro is right, if not TV then Radio jingles...it's never ending. Of course, you could UNPLUG all together, but then he'd be reading books and asking really hard questions from Tolstoy and like that.... Then there is the warm and all consuming glow of the tube that just kind of holds them in place for awhile, it'd be hard to do without that....