Saturday, August 12, 2006

Once Upon a Club...

Important Things Of Note:

Mojitos are tasty. And of the devil. And may make you eat mint.

Mint, interestingly, is not nearly as tasty as you might think.

Multiple mojitos may cause you to say things like "This guy has the IQ of a mushroom...but he's buying me a drink, so I'll wiggle a little."

Sliding down a pole while performing interpretive readings from a doomsday religious tract will not, apparently, cause you to burst into flames.*

Post-clubbing at IHOP is completely the way forward.


Cheers to a much-needed night out!

*...all the same, I feel like maybe I shouldn't do that again. You know, just in case the BigGuy(tm) was too distracted by a shiny thing at that moment to smite me.

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