Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Little Garbage

I was driving home one night last week late... Traffic was finally moving at-pace...I had the window down...I was all about my own thoughts and whatever was left of the night was ahead of me. Suddenly, I drove through a little cloudburst on the beltway. The rain was pelting down in big, hard drops...then something more like a sheet. I didn't even put the window up. If I could have found a way to drive 60 mph and stick my head out the window, I think I would have. It was like opening a fire hydrant on a sticky day...all cool and wet and refreshing. I couldn't wait to get home. I was determined to stand in the middle of my yard and get soaked. Only, of course, summer storms are isolated, at best, and this one was literally localized to that little spot of beltway. Ah much for that.

I used to not like rain. I didn't like how it made my hair do weird things and I didn't like juggling an umbrella. I still don't like how it confuses people into an inability to operate a moving vehicle. And you'd think after Starscape I'd never want to be rained on again...ever. But in truth, the rain's not so bad. Today's clouds and intermittent sprinkles have been marvelous and...energizing, somehow. I drank coffee at lunch and had a little daydream about Fall.

Ok, so I'm not *only* happy when it rains...and I certainly don't need anyone's misery poured down on me...but maybe Shirley and the gang were on to a little something. Into every life a little rain must bring on the clouds. I can be happy when it rains.

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towwas said...

I hate getting rained on. I like rain, when it's outside, but getting wet just irritates me.