Monday, April 03, 2006


The first two videos on this site are particular the second one which features a choir doing the entire score to a car commercial. Basso, in particular, will love this video.

And, because I'm in a slapping mood, I'm going to tell you to go read Dooce again. I was crying earlier (bit of bad fortune at being unable to stop watching The Notebook...would someone please tell the networks to take the damn thing off the air???)...and Dooce saved me from my tears!

Ok, fine, so after reading Dooce I was crying from laughing too hard, but no's a much better explanation for tomorrow's puffy eyes.

So there, my have been summarily slapped.

[gratuitous adorable child photo]

[/gratuitous adorable child photo]

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BASSO said...

You go Steel City! I did love the Choir commercial for Honda Civic (because (1) I like choirs and (2) I have a Civic now - again) BUT I also like the "COG" commercial for the Accord (I think) also pushed all my other buttons.

How amazing the human voice though, the choir thing was very well done....even the "screeching" soprano....