Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Moved On

Up until about six months ago, today was my wedding anniversary. It hit me kind of hard this morning as I was getting ready, but I've been pretty brave-face about it most of the day. Having a nightmarish workload helps tremendously. You can't cry through a meeting, after all. And I'm going to grab the Monkey in a few...that will help.

Up until about six months ago, today was my ex's wedding anniversary. He's going to a gala/dinner/dance tonight and introducing his girlfriend of ~four months to his coworkers. I guess that means he's pretty brave face too.

I don't hold any malice...I'm glad he's happy. It's just ironic because I've spent the last six months feeling like the "bad guy" for initiating the discussion that ultimately lead to the BigDecision(tm) that changed the face of our family...but it looks like he was the one who was really ready to move on.

Life is change. This too shall pass. Right?


BASSO said...

..hey, really great timing on his part. Looks like you made the right call -- I'm getting mad at him and I don't really have a right to I guess, except that you are a great person and anyone who hurts you SUCKS! F-him. OK, out of my system. Sorry if I am out of line (I'll buy dinner) -- but I'm going to say this anyway.

I Blog, You Blog said...

It's a College function for their 40th anniversary or something...not like he planned the thing. It's just an unfortunate and painful (for me) coincidence.

I'm not mad.
You don't have to be either.

...but we might want to get drinks tomorrow before rehearsal anyway. :P

miss shirley said...

It is the six month anniversary of the day you started the rest of your life. Happy anniversary twin!

towwas said...

Oh, you can totally cry through a meeting if you put your mind to it. Well, if it's a big meeting. Ok, I've never cried through a meeting, but I've definitely cried in lecture. That biostatistics class sure did suck.