Monday, April 10, 2006

In Other News

Backblog from 23 March -- boat ride to Mykonos

One thing I learned the hard way during my time as a Chamber of Commerce Executive was respect for the media. I made the mistake once of sending a letter that opened with a blanket statement:

"As you've no doubt read in the newspaper..."

It was an entry point...a way to get the letter going...nothing more really. This little phrase, however, prompted an almost immediate call from the radio station general manager with a less-than-subtle reminder that his station had provided coverage in addition to the print media, and why, exactly, did we need to only single out one news source, hmm? Didn't we appreciate everything they did for us?

You know, it only takes one of those phone calls.

Apparently, the Greeks have no such division between media sources. I had the opportunity (if being trapped on a boat for six hours constitutes "opportunity") to watch a little bit of the news on the ferry to Mykonos. In addition to the standard news coverage -- talking heads, man on the street interviews, video clips -- part of the normal news programming is, apparently, for the anchorperson to go through the front page stories in all of the relevant newspapers. The camera man positions himself over the shoulder of the anchor, who discusses the top stories while gesturing to the headlines and photos with his pen. In fairness, there wasn't any sound on at the time (and I don't speak Greek anyway), so I can't say if he was providing wry, witty commentary or just, you know, reading to us.

Still, gives a whole new spin to the catchphrase...


towwas said...

Ha ha. I'm just trying to imagine someone starting a letter, "As you've no doubt read in [my publication]..." and I can't do it.

I Blog, You Blog said...

Well, it was going to a couple hundred businesses -- a solicitation for something (volunteers, maybe) that was going on in town -- and I needed some way to segue and quick. I'm not saying it was my most brilliant opener ever, but...

Hey, at least I know one guy read the mail. :)

miss shirley said...

Who says there is nothing good on tv?