Tuesday, April 11, 2006

For Naught

Monkey: We have a new girl at my school.
Me: Oh really? What's her name?
Monkey: Francis. And you know what she wears on her bottom?
Me: No...what?
Monkey: Diapers!!! She's a little girl. (pause) But she talks really good. (pause...sorting it out) So....she's a...big...littlegirl.

The conversations I have in the car on the way home with the Monkeyboy can get pretty entertaining. This was the start of a solid ten minutes of nonstop chatter and recap. Often the topics are about his "old house." Aft
er his friend Sebastian's house burned last summer, the Monkey declared that he had an old house....which had also burned and was being repaired...and in which a lot of special things were kept, or made, or invented. It's a little random. Today he told me more about the old house...

Monkey: Yeah, well, that's in Vain.
Me: What's Vain?
Monkey: Vain is a circle (demonstrating with finger) with a road going through it...and that's where my old house is.
Me: Oh really?
Monkey: I live in the middle of the road.
Me: Wait...you're telling me you live in Vain?
Monkey: Yep! (excitedly) And you can come live there too!
Me: Oh wow! Then we could...um...both....live in Vain!?
Monkey: Yeah!!!

...I swear, I can't make this stuff up.


towwas said...

How do you know it wasn't Vein, or Vane, or Veign? Or Wen in German?

I Blog, You Blog said...

Oh, well, because that's not nearly as funny. And funny is good.

BASSO said...

I love it! They really do have a whole different (and pretty cool) way of looking at our world. You go Monkey Boy! Live in Vain (or Ven or Vengen)...just LIVE!

miss shirley said...

I love conversation in the car on the way home! I have to admit though that LM isn't nearly as skilled in her communication yet so I get a lot of filler sounds, "yehblehyah SLIDE yeblehyah music." Still, pretty funny.

miss shirley said...

BTW, super cute picture of MonkeyBoy and Ned! I love family photos. Labor must have been such a snap with your second!