Thursday, March 16, 2006

Soup is Good Food

For reasons upon which I will not elaborate just now (namely because it causes me too much fresh pain to go into it), there's been a lot of soup in my life recently. Chicken noodle soup (with egg noodles...I splurged)...and chicken stew...a bit of bullion...

But today's soup was the best by far:

Doesn't that just look yummy??


What's that?

Why yes...that is my passport in the background, as a matter of fact.


You know what, I did just call the Jury Information Line (for the fifteenth time) and you know what? My request for postponement of Jury Service has been granted! Officially! Woohoo!

Oh...and also? The soup picture? Not just any soup! This is a soup picture taken with my new itty-bitty-Greece camera. So small it feels fake. Only it isn't. Because I took the picture. See? Yay! Stay tuned for most excellent photoblogging...

My First International Trip
by I Blog tips welcome.


BASSO said...

...hey, you're supposed to be telecommuting!

Way to go girl! Passport, camera, small carry-on bag (bathing suit, flip flops, LBD and a few essentials), LOTS of money. Go for it.

Try this site for a quick phrase tutorial:

Blog on

BASSO said...

Key phrases you'll need in Greece:

1. Please.
b. Thank you.
II. You're Welcome
D. How much does that cost?
5. Good morning and Good night
e. Hey, what kind of wierdo are you anyway?

I Blog, You Blog said...

I AM telecommuting... You think I can't write that little blog and eat my tasty soup in 30 minutes? Even guvmint ployees get lunch breaks, BASSO! :)

Thanks for the tips!!! Whee!

towwas said...


Wait...are you telling me you'd never been to a foreign country? Ever?

I Blog, You Blog said...

Well, no... I've been to Canada. And Mexico. And Jamaica. But they don't count really...Canada because its contiguous and only required really a birth certificate at the time...and Mexico and Jamaica because they were part of a cruise.

So...technically...right. First foreign country. :)

towwas said...

Wow. Actually, I'd count the others, because hey, a foreign country is a foreign country. But anyway, cool!!