Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Life Goes On...

I'm sad to report that the Monkey informed me tonight that Cora, Trae, and Ingrid are now his old friends. Kaitlyn is his new best friend. His only best friend.

Me: But didn't you say that Kaitlyn was a little bossy?
Monkey: (happily indignant) She's my best friend! She's not bossy!!!
Me: Oh. Right. Sorry.

Today they drew pictures of birdhouses...a complicated series of squiggles which the Monkey and I are supposed to construct into an actual (blue) birdhouse before school tomorrow...with a little ladder for the worms and bugs to crawl up so the birds will have food waiting for them when they come to visit the birdhouse.

I think I liked the old best friends better. There were no parental requirements and I'm pretty sure no creatures had to willingly offer themselves up as breakfast for three robins and a big brown bear.

...he ignored me when I pointed out that a bear (of any color or size) was not, in fact, a bird.

Ob-la-di, ob-la-da...


J.Bro said...

Kaitlyn's totally a little Kappa Kappa Gamma in training!

It does sound like a pretty handy system for the birds and their grizzly friend, though - may I suggest some sort of an s-bend trough? Bugs could climb a ladder but not the worms, and you wouldn't want to clutter the foyer with separate entrances.

I Blog, You Blog said...

Ooh...excellent point on the front elevation.

I should scan in the blueprint we're working from'd see the difficulty I'm having with interpreting the architecht's intent...