Sunday, March 12, 2006

Infinite Activities...Little Bitty Weekend

[Rod Serling Voiceover]
Every other weekend our heroine is, primarily, a Monkey Mamma...which means that she tries to cram two weeks worth of fun into the weekends that she's not. This...was one of those weekends.
[/Rod Serling Voiceover]

[roll opening montage]

Friday night I went out with a tangent group of friends...I don't play with them very regularly, but they're awfully nice and awfully fun when I do. We went clubbing...saw John B spin (my god that guy oozes personality as well and fun music)...and generally stayed up all night (no, literally, I didn't start sleeping til around 8:30 on Saturday). My friend Ron was the man of the hour with his "I've Been Stalking You On MySpace" shirt that he got John B to sign...then he danced on a speaker while the song was playing. I think the floor was cheering as much for him as for the DJ. Thanks for the invite, was great fun.

Saturday, after the two hour disco nap and shower, I went to meet my friend TOWWAS for lunch, some much-needed girl time and a longish walk (Eastern Market to the Mall) in DC. We had yummy mango margaritas at The Banana Cafe on Barracks Row...

(Photo credits: the now-famous TOWWAS camera phone)

Thankfully, TOWWAS was very patient with my extra-sleepy self. And in the end, we both napped for awhile on a bench on the Mall....which was very nice. Well, until I had to give up and hurl myself on the nearest Metro home. Horizontal-ity was much needed at that point. :)

Continuing with the theme of jamming lots of life into a single weekend, I had at least tentative plans to have drinks with a friend last night...only I never heard from him (early morning text message aside). Highly unfortunate thing, particular since we've been trying to negotiate schedules for several weeks now. Ah happens as it will, I suppose. Sometimes you just have to throw up the white flag.

After a solid nine hours of sleep on one of my favorite guilty pleasures (clean sheets straight from the dryer), I woke up this morning ready, take a shower, go to Target for last minute Greece items, meet a friend for lunch and frolicking in the afternoon, go to the grocery, and be home in time to get the Monkey at 6:30.

...and I'm still on "blog."

Robin Williams' Aladdin said that being a genie was a double-edged sword: "INFINITE POWERS.....little bitty living space." Suddenly, I totally get what he was talking about!

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towwas said...

Yeah, mango margaritas - they were definitely the way to go.