Sunday, March 26, 2006

As It Should Be

Yia sas!

I had to get help from Smirky on how to spell that using non-Greek letters. It's the one bit of language I've picked up since I've been here...a greeting...a hello...a wamer-upper for the natives for the fact that everything else that's about to escape my lips is going to be English and gosh I hope you're ok with that... :) And they are. Oh, and they can tell I'm not Greek with a glance, so everyone has spoken to me in English from the start. Go figure...TransparentGirl goes to Greece (film at 11).

The trip has been amazing...only that's not really strong enough a word. I've been longhand-blogging (in a journal, no less) the whole time I've been here, so there will be much to come as I try to translate my hasty handwriting. There's so much to capture and not nearly enough words to wrap around it to paint a real picture. Today is my last day and we're all having down time before we head into the Placa in Athens for dinner and trinket buying later tonight... Then I have to stay awake until early/late to be sure I catch the bus to the airport in time to make my very, very early flight back home...

So this isn't much of a blog...just a note to myself and to whoever might be reading. Vacations should be like this...they should leave you feeling like this....tired and happy and relaxed and centered...well-fed and well-walked and entertained and napped....with good people and good scenery and good friends and just such a very good time.

I'm heading home tomorrow...and heading home happy. Yay!


towwas said...

Yay for good happy relaxed vacations!! I hope you took lots of digital pictures so you can post them, too.

BASSO said...

Can't wait to hear it ALL and see pictures. What a great adventure.

miss shirley said...

Yay good times! Yay coming home!