Thursday, March 30, 2006


It's been a bit more of an adjustment than I expected...this reacquaintance with my non-vacation life. I thought I had it under control...a good night's sleep the first night back...excellent time with the Monkey... I thought it was all no big. But I still feel just...tired. Bone-weary tired. Falling asleep in the middle of dinner tired.

Maybe that's what jetlag really is.

People have asked me about the vacation and I've almost been hesitant to speak about it. As if, somehow, letting it out of me will cause me to lose it...or cheapen it, somehow. It was such an amazing experience...and I wrote so much. I have a third of a book's worth of blogs to post...or possibly to post (some of it may remain mine and mine alone)...and I'm comfortable with that sharing. But speaking it was much harder than I anticipated.

Maybe I need to work on my storytelling skills.

Or maybe it's just important that I am doing what needs doing... I'm working...I'm taking care of the day-to-day of my life...I'm channeling extra patience with the Monkey...I'm trying to take care of myself. Maybe that's as much as I should really expect of myself just now...and the rest will come later. Much like the blogs in my book. :)

Meanwhile? There's a palpable part of me that's still here:

Mmm...right. Maybe
that's why I've been slow to acclimate...


towwas said...

Isn't vacation the best?

miss shirley said...

I always have a hard time talking about significant experiences. Trying to share them in words makes the magic dissipate somehow.