Friday, March 31, 2006

Squares, Columns, Rows

Backblog from 20 March 2006 -- beginning of the trip to Greece

I'm actually slow to jump on the bandwagon. There are movies that people rave about that I still haven't watched (Lost In Translation, for example)...books I've yet to read (DaVinci Code, etc.)... Sometimes I think it's stubbornness...the more someone pushes me to do something, the less it feels like my choice, so the less willing I am to do it. It's silliness and I recognize that about myself, but Taurean Bull comes steadfastly to the fore.

But, I'm stuck at the airport with not much to do for an hour until the first leg of my flight to Greece and I've already read the Express cover to cover (note: weird photo of Bradgelina looking seriously goth and cranky), and if I stare idly at the guy sitting next to me doing his homework anymore he's going to call security, so there's really not much left...

Fine. I did the Sodoku. And ok, it was fun...a nice little mental stretch before I ingest massive quantities of benadryl and try to knock myself out between Boston and Milan. What I'm noticing is that it's a whole lot of checking your work -- three times through the puzzle to make sure it's right everywhere (squares...columns...rows). But, you know what? I did it...right, even! Without even knowing much about how to do a Sodoku or the strategy of doing it right.

I'm actually kind of proud.

Not officially on the bandwagon or anything, mind you....but proud.


Ellen said...

I saw Lost in Translation (finally) just last night! Please take my word for it - don't bother. I did read and enjoy The DaVinci Code, though.

towwas said...

I *loved* Lost in Translation. But then I also lived in Japan for two years.