Thursday, February 23, 2006


Basso gave me this amazing gift basket for Christmas...or Festivus...or Just-Because-He's-The-Coolest-Us.... Regardless, he gave me this incredible basket of treats filled with all the little indulgences I'd rarely buy for myself: a bottle of Muscat, 70% cocoa chocolate bars, nifty little note cards with my name on them... He also, being the uber-grandpa (and did I mention how cool?), threw in some awesome gifts for the Monkey: a hand painted, wooden top and kaleidoscope.

It's the kaleidoscope that's been on my mind tonight...not because I've played with it (er...much :) but because that's how life has been lately: splayed in a million colorful directions all spinning at once... Jackson Pollack has been hard at work painting my story recently...and it's almost certainly as chaotic as it is beautiful: "very," on both counts.


And just to underscore how much I wasn't kidding about the reckless roller-coaster that is my existence? I started this blog on the 23rd and I'm just now posting it on the 28th -- though, in that way that I do, I'm going to backdate it to the 23rd. Because I cheat, ok?? And you knew I cheated, so don't pretend to be indignant about it! :)

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