Saturday, February 18, 2006


I love conversations with the Monkey...I swear I do.

Him: Mommy, he just said "phenomenon"...
Me: Heh....yes, he did...
Him: (thoughtful pause; then very matter-of-factly) I have no idea what that means.
Me: ...actually, that's a pretty good description

Oh...and by the way...the Curious George Movie is totally worth it for the Jack Johnson soundtrack. Cute movie, but the soundtrack is phenomenal!


Ellen said...

That's a key difference between you and me. You are a musical person. I saw the movie and barely noticed the music. I did recognize every story from the old books, though (the room painting, the balloon trip from the zoo, the hat pee-a-boo game...)

BASSO said..., what music....? I talked with someone last night who saw CG and I mentioned the music (I haven't seen it, but just hased on IBUB's comments)...she basically was sucked in my the story line as well -- having read ALL of them apparently at one time or another to her kids growing up. So much for scoring as an important aspect of the movie (or cartoon anyway) -- it's just there.