Saturday, February 25, 2006


Connection is a funny thing... Mostly, I think it bides its time, waiting patiently for you to wake up and notice that it's been there all along. But every now and then it shows itself and demands unprecedented amounts of attention.

Today I was at a college basketball game... It was a pretty good game (the good guys won -- Go Mason!)...but a few times, I found myself half-heartedly clapping at the wrong times. I wasn't actually cheering for the other team (I know better!)...I just wasn't there. My brain was utterly distracted by and deeply immersed in a fledgling much so that I don't think I was actually paying attention to anything remotely related to basketball.

But maybe that's the beauty of connection too: that it can be so strong that it casts the occasional shadow. Goodness knows I could use a little more light through my window...the soul can go dark if the sun doesn't burn through in once in awhile. Maybe that's what this is about....maybe that's what I've been missing...the bright light of connection to throw everything into sharp relief.

And now having admitted it...maybe I can sleep.

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