Sunday, December 18, 2005

Taken for Granted

What's that saying about not really realizing what you have until you don't have it anymore? Yeah, that whole thing is so true... And I'm sure it applies to really big stuff...but it also really applies to the little things.

Like cable internet.

I am, just now, in Kentucky...peacefully situated on my parents' immaculate 42 acres...and I'm struggling to keep a connection for a solid five minutes over the phone line. I mean, I expect dial-up to be slow...but I don't remember it being so...tenuous.

There is, I admit, a certain thrill to it though... Will I (for example) make it through this blog before the connection/computer crashes? Will I be able to read my yahoo mail today?? Can I simultaneously run Firefox and Yahoo Messenger? These things I take for granted in my normal day to day are now central questions in that last hour of being awake here at the homestead...

It turns out that connection is absolutely not to be taken for granted. And maybe not just with respect to cable internet...

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