Saturday, October 08, 2005

Toddler Logic

My 3-year-old Monkeyboy has decided that the chandelier in the dining room looks like Christmas when the lights are barely periodically (and by that I mean "every night at dinner") we have Christmas. ("having Christmas," I should point out, involves a very complex series of maneuvers wherein he stretches up to the dimmer switch...wriggles it around...steps back, checks out the effect, proclaims "that's not Christmas"...back to the wall...stretches up again...repeat). There was an impromptu Christmas moment this morning, since it was still kind of dark and rainy...and I tried to convince him that Christmas should also include lots of cuddlehugs, so he crawled up in my lap -- yay!

As we sat there staring up at the glass and lights, he said "You know, I'm going to grow up and break that." I told him that by the time he was big enough to reach it, he'd know not to break it...I'd make sure he knew. And then...

Monkey: Mommy, what are you going to be when you grow up?
Me: I'm going to be your Mommy.
Monkey: No, but what are you going to beeee? You know, when you get bigger and bigger way up there (pointing to the ceiling)?
Me: Really. I'm going to be your Mommy.
Monkey: No. No. Are you going to be a photographer or a kitty cat?
Me: Oh, hmm, well, gosh, I don't know, those are both noble professions...
Monkey: But you have to choooooose one.
Me: Well, I think a photographer because being a kitty cat would be itchy with all that fur.
Monkey: Ok (concentrating to hold up 2 fingers) are you going to be a photographer or a Higgleytown Hero?
Me: I already said a photographer.
Monkey: Yes, but if you say Higgleytown Hero, you win!
Me: Oh, well, in that case, i'll totally be a Higgleytown Hero.
Monkey: Yay! You win a medal!! (and the imaginary medal is draped over my shoulders) Isn't it sparkly? Ooh! Ooh! I have to go see what's on tv...

And he's off.


It's useful that at this point in his life he tells me the right answers so I can win. Somehow, i think that may not always be the case... I'd better hang on to my little medal collection while I can. :)

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