Sunday, September 25, 2011

Photography Lessons: Louisville Zoo

I need a zoom lens.

When I first mentioned that I was kind of interested in photography, the immediate response was "Really fun....expensive hobby, though."  I deflected about being just starting out and I didn't know if I'd take that far and blah blah blah...  But there I was at the Louisville Zoo -- my second big photo-excursion since I opened the box in June -- and I immediately realized I needed a zoom lens.  

All the animals were further away than I wanted and it was nearly impossible to get an unobstructed view around the cages.  I squatted...I tiptoed...I craned and leaned and waited.  I barely saw the zoo except through the lens...  And I came out of there with far too many barely-usable shots...or shots that were great, but required a lot of editing to get a decent photo out of it.

Looks like I know what's going on my Christmas list this year!  (hint:  zoom lens.)


This guy, on the other hand, was no trouble at all to shoot...   He was behind glass, so he was much closer than the others.  He also didn't seem to care much about going anywhere and was happy to just sit there and look like, at any moment, he might tell a HILARIOUS joke.  Or, you know...not.  Tough call.


Also, major kudos to the peacocks for being totally tame.  I went sneaking up to grab shots of two of them in the middle of the road.  They just gave me a pointed look that said "ugh...ridiculous tourist!" and went back to pecking around for bugs.  Thanks, guys.

By far, the best pictures of the day were of my favorite animal:  the Monkey.

Fortunately for me, I didn't need a zoom lens AND I got to bring him home with me!  How often can you say THAT about a trip to the zoo?

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