Saturday, September 24, 2011


I was working on this awesomely philosophical post that related open shelving to graduation.  With graduation heavy on my mind lately (so....close!), I've kind of been relating everything to graduation.  The logic went something like this:

You know what?  I keep the insides of these cabinets really organized.
My dishware totally compliments the other colors in the kitchen.
Hmm...  It's not all pretty in there, though.
I could probably get rid of the plastic containers that I rarely use.
The other stuff that isn't all that pretty could probably go in baskets.
Hey!  I have baskets!!
Now it's pretty....I can take the doors off!  
Yay!  I've finally graduated to open shelving!

...and then it devolved into a lot of blather that wasn't nearly as interesting to read as it was in my head.  So instead, I decided to just celebrate the fact that I took the doors off my cabinets:

Yay for graduating to open shelving!

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