Friday, June 05, 2009

No Wonder...

The Monkey's birthday is coming up at the end of the month. MonkeyDad and I got an email from the Monkey's teacher to ask whether or not we'd like to bring in some kind of treat to celebrate. Of course I immediately said yes and we negotiated a date. I asked if there were any dietary restrictions that I needed to be aware of (maximizing cupcake/sugar consumption is critical in being a proper birthday-party menace to the other kids' parents!).

The email conversation that followed was... Well, here... See for yourself:


Teacher: As far as special diets, we have 2 students with nut allergies. One of the two also has allergies to many other ingredients that are typically found in cookies and we have popsicles for that particular child. So as long as you keep the nut allergy in mind, whatever you want to bake should be fine. :)

Me: Got it. Nutcakes with nutsauce for everyone!

Teacher: And crushed nut sprinkles.

MonkeyDad: I have nut-hing to add to this.


The Monkey is clearly surrounded by nutters. :)

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