Monday, April 27, 2009

Little Sponge

Monkey: Daddy put the movie in his instant queue and it sounds like so. much. awesome.

Me: Oh really? So much awesome, huh?

Monkey: Totally!

Me: Um...where'd you hear that expression?

Monkey: What?

Me: "so much awesome"

Monkey: Oh...last night in the car when you guys were talking about that movie "Kissy Kissy Bang Bang" and you said it was "so much awesome"...

Me: Ahh... Cool.

I swear...the kid doesn't miss a beat. Except thankfully he didn't seem to notice my description of Val Kilmer's character in that movie... which would have taken some explaining that I'm honestly not quite ready to do just yet!

1 comment:

braz said...

It's okay to be gay, right?

It just means that Val Kilmer was happy. Really, really happy.

Especially around other men.

Who wear tight pants.