Friday, December 26, 2008

See How They Snap

See down there in my last post how I casually mentioned about E and I discovering mouse-leavings in the attic? Yeah...not two days later, there were mouse leavings on my kitchen countertop. Mice in the attic? Not a huge deal. Mice in my kitchen? Effin WAR!!

I've dealt with mice before. The little run-down building that held the Chamber of Commerce in MO had its share. I was content to live-and-let-live until they started leaving crap on my desk (literally). I learned all about peanut butter and snap traps. I think we killed 3 or 4...then we bulldozed the building, which presumably that took care of the rest.

Since I can't bulldoze the house (because I love it...and also because we live here), it's snap traps til the bitter end. E got the traps and a jump start on Mouse Wars while I was out of town in KY. He set 2 traps around the microwave where we'd seen leavings and one on the stove (it/they went after some eggs on the spoon rest that hadn't been completely cleaned from breakfast....EWWWW). He got the stovetop bandit a day or so before I got back into town. Snap!

When I got back, we used a different kind of peanut butter and smeared it on a little thicker. Christmas Eve saw the snap of a second one, with the other trap licked clean (bastid). Thank you Santa!! The Christmas Morning Mouse was a field mouse: a little brown guy with a white belly. He was kinda cute upside down...I didn't look at his face. I tossed him out before we opened presents.

There were no more signs of activity on the stove, thankfully. We decided yesterday afternoon to move the stove trap behind the cabinets where I suspected they were coming in. Then we reset the remaining counter trap with a fresh smear and a couple of dry runs to make sure the pin was set in the best location. Around 11 last night, E and I were in the back of the house chatting when we heard a loud (and exceptionally satisfying) Snap! The trap behind the fridge did it's thing.

This morning, both traps are still set and baited. It's probably a minor victory, but I'm still feeling rather proud. First the assault on cave the mice. This must be how the Vikings felt...

We claim this house in the name of decency and vermin-free existence! RARRR!!!

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