Monday, December 29, 2008

Meet Marshall

The Monkey has been kind of antsy for company around the house. The non-adult kind. Something that, in his words, moves on its own (apparently stuffed things just aren't cutting it anymore). In short, it was either a dog or a baby. And since both are equal in terms of cleaning up poo...and the latter is impractical for a whole variety of reasons...a dog seemed a good route.

I've been scouring the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation website for weeks now...mulling over the decision...thinking on it...trying to imagine our lives turned a little upside down by the presence of a furry friend in the house. I was still on the fence until Christmas day when I saw this picture:

...and this bio:

Marshall rode into town, looked around, and knew he could fit in. This handsome shepherd mix with a bob tail has a calm, friendly manner that makes him easy to love. Marshall is housetrained, crate-trained, and knows how to shake hands. Because he's smart and responsive, he handles well on a leash. His favorite games are to chase balls and to play with squeaky toys. Marshall's main focus is to please his person. He's a devoted dog that wants to have a home that he can call his own. Marshall might be just the dog you've been hoping to find.

I was hooked. Even allowing that the bio may be a sales-rigged, he sounded like an amazing dog. E and I talked it over and decided to go for it. It took two tries and a long, long drive out to Leesburg, but Marshall came to live with us yesterday.

Let me tell you, this dog is 65 lbs of perfect houseguest. We have had zero accidents...and he won't poo in the yard (he waits til we go walking). He willingly and quietly goes into his crate...even when we're not around. And he spent the night last night on his bedpillow in the living room. He's even quietly tolerated the fact that he has to swallow an antibiotic pill 2x a day (some brute jumped him in the kennel the day we were supposed to meet him, his ear is ok but the antibiotics are a precaution). I wound up having to give it to him the hard way -- behind the hump of the tongue -- and holding his muzzle closed while he swallowed. He just sat quietly...not so much as a whine. Tonight we gave him his first bath in an effort to get the kennel smell out of only sort of worked. More to come on that...

All in all, the decision to rescue a dog couldn't have worked out better... I can't wait for the Monkey to get home tomorrow from his trip to Texas to meet him!!


present&accounted4 said...

what a good boy. Are you a good boy? auntie Jen luvs you, yes she does, yes she does!

(practicing for when I meet him.)

towwas said...

Aw, he looks so sweet! I can't wait to meet him.

Beschädigte Güter said...

You win so many awesome points for going the rescue route.


J.Bro said...

I love Marshall! What was the Monkey's reaction?!

eric said...

i guess i feel in love with marshall i miss him and i miss you hell i miss the whole family im sorry sweetheart